Why (?)

Why should always be the same?

Why not be different?

Why repeat?

Why not change?

Why it feels different?

Why should it happen again?

Why the same mistakes as before?

Why not be replaced?

Why should something like that?

Why not the other?

Why similar again?

Why? Is there something wrong?

Why must occur at the same time?

I want to be able to change it, to forget and replace it with a variety of different things

With things already in correction

With things already in check

With things that can not be wrong

With what has been agreed

With a long-desired

The things that could change everything

The things that can open my heart

With the new

Hopefully i can get it, but i will not force my heart

If there is i am thankful and will always keep it, if not i just want to cover all my heart

My heart is only for god, and those that exist in life

Not only depend on the one man




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